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Links and Resources

The Best Children's Books is a site that offers practice for students in every grade. Each section is divided into grade, subject, and topics. Click the link to enter the site, choose the subject from the list on the lefts side. Then select the appropriate link. 


Reading Links: (click to access)


Reading Rockets                                             Book Characters  


US Department of Education                     Parent Guide to PASS


Additional information, on-line games, stories, and printable resources:


Reading Is Fundamental             Scholastic


Starfall                                            Literactive


Read-Write-Think                        Public Broadcasting System                                     


Primary Games                           Chateau Meddybemps Fun and Games   


Fluency Related Reading Activities: including books online:


Absolute Whootie Stories                                           Book Pals


Spelling Links:


Spell Check:  - Options for easy or hard – gives 4 words, you check the one that is spelled incorrectly.  Click here to access  


Spelling Connections: - Select the grade, and one of four options: word sort, complete the sentence, proofreading, and spelling bee.  Click here to access  



Kids Spell - This site has the option of using a pre-made spelling list or customizing your on list. Using the premade lists, you can play games, or access over 400 lessons. After creating your own list and saving it, you list will be used in all of the games on that page. All games are divided by level of difficulty.  Click here to access  



Spelling games: - Use the spelling wizard to enter you spelling list and create word scrambles and word searches.  Create a word bank or use a pre-made bank and generate words by pattern or topic. Many options of practice including games such as Misspelled Words Battleship.  

Click here to access  


Catch the Spelling: - Activities divided by grade level, list topics,  and subjects.  This game involves catching the letters to spell the words.  Click here to access 



Spelling Match Game: - Progress through multiple levels, different word games.  Click here to access 


Word wizard:  - Think and spell game. Click here to access 



Math Links:

  Math Playground:  - 

        Timed Flashcards for practicing math facts. Click here to access 

        Several games, worksheets, and other math activities for all ages.

                                                                                      Click here to access 


Name that number  Click here to access 


Aplus math  - Many games for all levels of math    Click here to access 


ArithmAttack - Timed math challenges, for  many levels and areas of math

                                                                                          Click here to access 


Cool Math 4 Kids -  Many games, many levels. Click here to access


Count on - Elementary math Click here to access


Cyberchase at PBS - PBS' online games build thinking skills particularly related to mathematical comprehension. Plus they're fun!  Click here to access


 I Know That Math Games - Multiple levels, multiple skills. Click here to access


  • Reading 
    Reading with your children is important. This site contains suggestions on how to promote literacy in the home and school.


  • Dr. Seuess 
    Welcome to Seusville.


  • National Geographic for Kids 
    Visit this site to learn about places around the world.


  • Making words 
    This interactive site ncludes an online student dictionary as well as two fun interactive games.


  • Online Dictionary 
    Merriam-Webster online provides the user with a searchable dictionary and thesauras. To find out about words and how to use them


  • Spelling Rules