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Safety Patrol

Sponsors: Mrs. Lance & Mrs. Chronister

The Safety Patrol is a select group of Fourth and Fifth Graders that are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students at Ator Heights Elementary.  A Safety Patrol member should be responsible, respectful, cooperative, dependable, and helpful. They should always demonstrate our monthly character trait. Student safety patrols enhance enforcement of drop-off and pick-up procedures at school by increasing safety for students and traffic flow efficiency for parents. Such efforts allow students to participate in promoting traffic safety (with the guidance of adults) where they learn skills they can use in their everyday lives.

Safety patrols are selected from fourth and fifth-grade students. Patrols are selected with input from teachers and administrators. Consideration is based on student interest, commitment, responsibility, self-discipline, attendance, and attitude toward others.

Safety Patrol Application

Media Center Aides

Sponsor: Mrs. Fleming

This leadership team is comprised of students who will give their service during recess in the library. Their responsibilities include help with shelving books, helping younger students find books, and checking in and out books. They will also help the librarian in ways that will enhance the library.

 Honor Choir

Sponsor: Mr. Kelsey

This leadership team is comprised of students who enjoy performing and singing in front of others. The student is required to audition with the sponsor and will be notified of their acceptance on this team.  This team stays after school one to two times a week to practice. They will perform several times throughout the year for various school functions and the 5th-grade students will have a night performance with all Owasso Elementary school honor choirs.