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Visitor Information


Security Measures

We strive to keep our students and school site safe and secure at all times. 

Background Checks

Current background checks are required upon entering the building. We now have SchoolSafeID background check system in our office. You will scan a state-issued Photo Driver's License/ID to obtain a background check clearance badge. 

You will wear the badge for the duration of your visit in our building. This includes visiting the classroom, lunchroom, performances, tutoring, class parties, events, and any volunteers. These procedures are in effect anytime school is in session. Please be sure to check out through the main office and deposit your badge there.

Each time you visit you will need to follow this process to gain access to our building. You will also sign in and out each time so that we may track any volunteer hours as well as your participation in events. THANK YOU so much for your attention to this effort to keep our building secure and our students safe!

Main Office

We are proud to announce that our building is now equipped with additional controls for limiting building access. While our front door is the only point of access to visitors, it now provides additional security for our students’ safety. Our foyer will remain locked during school hours. Any visitor coming to the building will press the access pad to buzz our office. A secretary may ask your name and the nature of your business at the school. Once you are allowed to enter, the door will unlock for your passage into our office. We are excited that Owasso Public Schools has invested in this safety measure for our building and we appreciate your patience and understanding with this new tool and procedure!
Should you have any questions, please contact our office at 918-272-2204.